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3. Didactic preparation of a surgery video

What are the requirements for uploading a topic to an existing course?

Each topic (can be, for example, a surgery video or a theory video) must be assigned to an existing course.

  • Add a topic. A theme can be a surgery video or a theory video.

    • Name of the topic

    • opic description: Describe in 2-3 sentences what this video is about

    • Technical features shown in the video (optional)

    • Attachments: links (to e.g. publications, platforms) or PDFs (WHO checklist)

  • Upload video

    • Specify video title

    • Upload preview image (jpg, png, max. 5 MB)

    • Upload video file: Here you upload the entire video in full length

    • Upload chapters: The chapters of the overall video, which was previously cut into sequences, are now uploaded one after the other. Required per chapter:

      • Video title

      • Preview image (jpg, png, max. 5 MB)

      • Chapter video file

      • Note: No chapter description is needed at this point.

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